Premium Auto Films, a competitive auto film shop, has the years of experience to determine the best approach in protecting the paint on your brand new or recently restored car. All cars come with a film covering the stock paint, but it rarely does the job of protecting from minor scratches and swirling marks. Premium Auto Films is in Portsmouth, VA. We are ready to bring you the highest quality customer service and the best protective film in the industry so your car can keep its original paint intact. Our services include ceramic coating, XPEL window tinting, XPEL clear bra, and color-changing wraps. There is a no better time than now to have your car roll down the road, styling a new window tint or a brand new color wrap. Consider us as your next auto protective film shop. We design, cut, and install your new film in-house. Learn about us online. We have 30 plus years of combined experience. We also provide the best customer service and hassle-free estimates.  

Changing With the Seasons

Most vehicle owners see the importance of maintaining a car in great shape by servicing the engine, upgrading the suspension and brakes. But do they consider changing colors? Some may. What is the goal of changing the color? How is it done? Is it expensive? There is the conventional approach of changing a vehicle’s color by repainting it and making a permanent change. Strip it, sand it, prime it, and repaint. Our approach is to clean it well and install a custom cut color wrap of your choosing. It isn’t too expensive, and we install it ourselves. We are in Portsmouth, VA. We offer ceramic coating, XPEL protective film, XPEL window tinting along with color changing wraps. Changing colors with the seasons is possible; many satisfied clients have repeatedly changed their car’s colors, no harm in that. If color changing isn’t your thing, you can window tint instead. Give your vehicle a fresh look or protect it from the elements. Consider us as you search for the best. Learn about our services online and how we do what we do. You can also call us and speak to one of our experienced technicians. They will guide you toward the steps to make the changes desired on your vehicle. 

Yes You Can

As vehicles roll out of the restoration shops, it isn’t hard to wonder how they protect their paint, especially when restoration costs lots of money. No one person would consider driving away in a classic vehicle without installing a window tint of some kind. We are Premium Auto Films in Portsmouth, VA, and we offer ceramic coating, XPEL window tinting, color-changing wraps, and XPEL protective film. We design it, cut it, and install it. There are no hidden tricks or mystery in what we do, but we do it with professionalism, experience, and a comfortable cost to you. Learn about us online. We are a professional shop that will go the extra mile to satisfy you and your vehicle needs. Consider us for your next project. We have a combined thirty years of experience, and we are here to work with you and get your car protected. Yes, you can change your vehicle’s color, protect its paint, and install window tinting. Jazz it up, make your car look fantastic today.

Now that you have read and heard about our excellent customer service and protective films, would you consider us your go-to protective auto film shop? We only deal with the highest quality film to change your vehicle color, protecting the paint. We do XPEL tint windows, XPEL clear bra, color-changing wraps, and ceramic coating. Our shop is in {locaiton}, proud to have some of the industry’s best technicians with 30 years of combined experience, which works toward benefiting you and your vehicle. Do you have a brand new car or a restored one? You may want to protect your car’s fresh paint with window tint and add an XPEL window tint to give it that cool, relaxed look.  Consider us for your next paint project. Whether it is a new car or an old restored car, your paint is worth every penny. Learn about our services online and consider us your go-to protective film shop. Call us and speak to one of our talented technicians about your next appointment or a hassle-free quote. Your car will love you for it!