Premium Auto Films, a competitive auto film shop, has the years of experience to determine the best approach in protecting the paint on your brand new or recently restored car. All cars come with a film covering the stock paint, but it rarely does the job of protecting from minor scratches and swirling marks. Premium Auto Films is in Virginia Beach, VA. We are ready to bring you the highest quality customer service and the best protective film in the industry so your car can keep its original paint intact. Our services include ceramic coating, XPEL window tinting, XPEL clear bra, and color-changing wraps. There is a no better time than now to have your car roll down the road, styling a new vehicle wrap or a brand new color wrap. Consider us as your next auto protective film shop. We design, cut, and install your new film in-house. Learn about us online. We have 30 plus years of combined experience. We also provide the best customer service and hassle-free estimates.  

Combined Experience 

Vehicle owners have an ongoing battle against the elements, and progressively, day by day, we are making improvements to win the fight. Technology is on our side, and slowly but surely, we are becoming efficient at protecting our vehicles' paint surface. Our shop in Portsmouth, VA, has a history of thirty years of combined experience to design and install a color-changing wrap to your car. A car wrap will not only protect your vehicle from the elements, but it will contribute to the look and improvement of its value. We offer XPEL window tint, vehicle wrap, XPEL protective film, and ceramic coating. There are many ways to improve your vehicle's look and style, and by installing a color-changing vehicle wrap or vehicle wrap, you can be ahead and on your way to winning the battle against the elements. Visit us online and find more about our services and our free estimate. Contact us via email or give us a call. We are here ready to walk you through the process of installing a wrap to change the color of your vehicle.

Time Together

Customer service is a critical element that contributes to the growth of a company. When a client walks through our doors, we understand that our responsibility is to address that customer's needs. We strive to have the opportunity to go the extra mile as a business. You and your vehicle spend plenty of time together, whether commuting or vacationing. There are plenty of people that see their car as a second office. Premium Auto Films in Chesapeake, VA, offers various ways to protect and have your vehicle look stylish. Services such as ceramic coating, XPEL window tinting, vehicle wrap, XPEL protective film, and color-changing wraps will not only protect your new paint but contribute to maintaining a specific monetary value of your vehicle. As you consider us to provide excellent customer service, think how great it would be to have your car protected with vehicle wrap and even have it tinted with XPEL window tinting. Visit our website for more information. We offer a free estimate of your next car project; call us today to set up an appointment.

Now that you have read and heard about our excellent customer service and protective films, would you consider us your go-to protective auto film shop? We only deal with the highest quality film to change your vehicle color, protecting the paint. We do XPEL tint windows, XPEL clear bra, color-changing wraps, and ceramic coating. Our shop is in Suffolk, VA, proud to have some of the industry's best technicians with 30 years of combined experience, which works toward benefiting you and your vehicle. Do you have a brand new car or a restored one? You may want to protect your car's fresh paint with vehicle wrap and add an XPEL window tint to give it that cool, relaxed look.  Consider us for your next paint project. Whether it is a new car or an old restored car, your paint is worth every penny. Learn about our services online and consider us your go-to protective film shop. Call us and speak to one of our talented technicians about your next appointment or a hassle-free quote. Your car will love you for it!