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Get Full Car Paint Protection Film Before Winter

By November 13, 2020 No Comments
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Winter is a great month for many things, including the holidays, family fun in the snow, and delicious food. However, what winter isn’t great for is your car. Left to its own defenses, your car’s paint is no match for the blistering cold winds and wet snow of winter.

Just why exactly are these things so terrible for your car? Keep reading below to find out.

Winter’s Damaging Effect on Cars

During the winter months, it’s not uncommon for chunks of ice and frozen dirt to develop on the exterior of your car. As you can imagine, both of these things are terrible for your paint job. Excessive moisture over long periods of time can rust away your car’s shell, and persistent dirt can require high-powered washing to get off, which in itself can have a negative effect on your car’s paint job.

Beyond these things, you also have to worry about hard pellets of snow slamming into your car as you drive. While your car may be able to take some light snowfall with no problem, aggressive snowstorms — and the harder ice pellets associated with these storms — can produce visible damage on the front and sides of your car.

XPEL fusion plus

Without winter protection on the left, and with winter protection on the right.

For these reasons, a paint protection film is a must during the winter.

Benefits of Film Protection Like XPEL Ultimate Plus

With a paint protection film, you can continue to use your car as much as you like during the winter without any worry of damage being caused. Acting as a barrier between the harsh conditions of winter and your precious car’s paint job, a paint protection film can save you untold amounts in paint touchups and repairs (not to mention stress).

If you’re worried about how your car’s paint job will fare during the upcoming winter months, contact Premium Auto Films today for a free quote and our XPEL Paint Protection Film. This is a paint protection film you can rely on.