Here’s How Paint Protection and Correction Can Transform Your Vehicle

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hood coating PPF

Your car is glossy and shiny, and you want her to stay that way. Or perhaps your car is looking worse for wear, and you need a solution to restore that high-polish look.

When it comes to paint protection techniques, you have a few options. But whichever service you choose, make sure you do it sooner rather than later. If your car is new, then you need to lock-in that brand new paint job ASAP, so it doesn’t degenerate under the dust, grime, and UV-rays from time spent on the road. For vehicles with diminishing paint quality, time is of the essence.

Benefits and Process of Paint Protection

a black car is in the process of receiving a protective paint film, or clear bra

Protect your vehicle and enjoy high-shine with paint correction and paint protection services.

Paint protection film, or PPF, is a technique that seals your vehicle’s paint job against the elements. The most common type is called a clear bra, and it’s applied to the front of your vehicle. This offers transparent protection against road debris for the part of your car that risks the highest exposure.

Most new car owners go immediately from the car lot to a certified technician to get their PPF applied. This locks in the high-shine paint job and protects your investment from Day 1. Your technician will apply the thermoplastic urethane to the front of your vehicle, and you’ll enjoy protection from rocks, bugs, and other scratching stuff like branches. Most protective films last between 5 to 10 years, making PPF a smart investment.

It takes one to two days to apply the film, and most of this time is labor spent preparing the paint to receive the coating.

Benefits and Process of Paint Correction

Paint correction is not a coating, but rather a mechanical leveling process that smooths out your car’s paint job. When your vehicle is dull, gloomy, or suffering from tons of tiny scratches, it’s time to take it in for paint correction. In just a few short days, you could hit Virginia Beach in style with your new-looking, paint-corrected vehicle.

Alternately, you could go for a complete color change. This wrap comes in a variety of appearances between metallic to satin. It only takes a few days, lasts for years, and is obviously much cheaper than buying a new car.

If you’re ready to transform your vehicle, get a quote for paint protection or paint correction today.