What Are the Advantages of UV Ray-Protected Windows?

By October 16, 2020 No Comments
PPF coating and UV ray protected window films

Your car is an investment, and you should do everything possible to help prolong the life of your vehicle. Weather can lead to serious damage on your car. We’re not only talking about oversized hail pellets or debris from windstorms. These are infrequent occurrences that you can’t often predict. However, the sun is something that you can definitely anticipate and protect against.

Ultraviolet, or UV, rays can slowly and sneakily ruin the interior and exterior of your vehicle over time. Not only could this change the coloration of your seats and your car’s nice paint job, but it could put you and your family at risk for harmful UV exposure. Norfolk, VA, gets around 215 days of sunshine every year. If your car is parked in the driveway, at the office, or on the road for most of those days, then you could benefit from UV ray-protection window tint.

Protects Your Car Interior

applying tinted window film to a yellow sports car

Tinted windows can protect your vehicle’s interior against harmful UV rays.

It’s one thing to put up a visor on sunny days. When you remember to put it up, visors can help protect your dashboard from the harsh sunlight. But there are several limitations to visors. First, you can’t use visors while you’re driving. This leaves your dashboard exposed to the sun for the entire duration of your drive. Secondly, the sun is hitting more than just your dashboard. UV rays can damage your seats irreparably, too.

Whether you have upholstery or leather, you need to protect your vehicle’s seats. UV ray-protection window tint works while you’re driving, so that your seats don’t dry out, crack, or even rot in extreme heat. The sun’s rays can exacerbate existing damage from spills or tears, so it’s extra important to get UV protection for the windows of family vehicles.

Protects Your Family

XPEL is a type of tint that trained professionals can apply to your windows to protect your seat cushions and dashboard from sunshine. It’s also a smart way to protect your family from UV rays. You shouldn’t have to slather sunscreen on your kids every time you go for a drive to Chesapeake or Portsmouth. Tinted windows offer long-lasting protection against UV rays for passengers, as well as the interior of your vehicle.

It’s safe to drive with tinted windows and it’s smart to protect your investment.

Get a quote for UV ray-protection window tint from Premium Auto Films and drive confidently, knowing that your vehicle is protected against the elements.